ATH-M50x Headphone Review

If your looking for a no frills, great sounding, studio reference headphones… Look no further! Audio-Technica have you covered with the ATH-M50x, a classic model that has been around for ages and still going strong.

"perfect for me when I'm building patches"

In the ear of the beholder...

For years people have been telling me about the rock solid performance of these headphones. So when I saw the booth at Winter NAMM I couldn’t resist the #bigm50 opportunity. After receiving a pair a few months later and having now used them on a few different occasions, I am quite happy and with their performance.

I have listened to other headphones that make music more lush and exciting to listen to, but that is not what these headphones are about. While music does sound great through them, these headphones are about giving more of an accurate and flat response of what is being produced. This makes them perfect for me when I’m building patches in Mainstage. The patches I have built with these headphones have transferred quite seamlessly into a live PA setting without having to re-tweak EQs and re-adjust levels or gain structures. gaminator mobile hack

These headphones have an operating range between 15Hz and 28000Hz, are comfortable to wear for long periods and the ear pieces can be easily manouvered into just about any position thinkable. campobet kaszinó online They come with all the necessities; various cables, headphone adaptor and protective pouch. At this price point they have nailed it with affordability and quality all in one package. ingyen nyerőgépes játékok regisztráció nélkül

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