2014 Tour Blog Week 4 & 5

2014 Tour Blog Week 4 & 5   This week started with the drive from Wisconsin to Michigan, which meant we had to drive through Chicago and cop about 8 tolls. Considering we’re not local, we don’t have a toll pass and had to stop to pay cash at every one. What a good opportunity […]

2014 Tour Week 3

2014 Tour Week 3   It was starting to get cold in Wisconsin this week with our car being a little iced up in the morning. But we haven’t seen any snow yet. Our first stop in the cheese state was Downtown Mission Church in Wausau with Ps Charlie Salamone. I remember vividly our stop […]

2014 Tour Week 2

2014 Tour Week 2 WOW! What a jam packed week… We finished up our stay in Brookville, OH with a whopping youth night that was run by Joel, Deano and Sam. It was a 4-piece band and I packed my guitar rig and slipped on keys for the night. Each of the boys brought a […]

2014 Tour Week 1

2014 Andrew Ironside Tour Week 1 What a privilege to be in this amazing country once again! Flying over with Deano was such a breeze and were greeted by our good friend Matti from http://faithlifechurch.org After cramming all of our gear into Matti’s little coupe we spent the next 2 days unpacking and getting all […]





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